Lynette Wallworth: Duality of Light

19 February – 24 April 2009

Lynette Wallworth is an Australian artist whose strong international reputation has developed from an ambitious practice of the most contemporary kind that spans video installation, photography and short film.

The Adelaide Film Festival commissioned Lynette Wallworth to develop a new work, Duality of Light, which premiered at the Samstag Museum of Art during the 2009 Film Festival, along with other established works by the artist. The commissioning of an art work by a film festival is a unique undertaking, and the collaboration with the Samstag Museum is innovative.

Wallworth specialises in the creation of 'immersive' installation environments which offer a tactile gateway to the viewing experience. These environments are not passive spaces, but'ecosystems' that rely on activation by the participant/viewer. The artist's primary focus is the interplay between moving image, sound, space and visitor.

Wallworth has exhibited widely in Australia and Europe and most recently has presented works for the Mostly Mozart Festival at The Lincoln Center for Performing Arts, New York.

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