29 February – 04 April 2008

Penumbra: Contemporary Art from Taiwan explores the shifting spaces between past and present, in a country that continues to undergo dynamic economic and socio-political change. This exhibition reflects upon notions of memory, time and place as these artists endeavour to find a sense of meaning and belonging.

Defined as 'a partial or imperfect shadow'Penumbra plays on the 2008 Festival theme of'light': the exhibition has been specially commissioned for the Festival by the Samstag Museum.

Penumbra features a selection of new media, installation and site-specific work by some of Taiwan's rising young stars including Huang Po-Chih, Kuo I-Chen, Tseng Yu-Chin, Wang Ya-Hui and Wu Diing-Wuu (Walis Labai) whose works will be shown in Australia for the first time.

Curator: Sophie McIntyre

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