Simone Slee
Born 1965, Horsham, Victoria 

Simone Slee's preceding work derived from the deployment of the body (her own) visavis space(s), time and objectsa performance orientation. Her major project since has been the On sequence of works. These develop from her background in design offices: a range of white vinyl sculptural objects that are sculptures which combine to make installations and scenarios (for gallery, photo, poster, billboard).

The objects (futuristic, clunkily reminiscent of hospital technology and science fiction) are, through their extensions, connectable. They blend the functional and non functional, confounding the usual knowledge we have of objects. They are neither rational nor systematic but expressive of the presence of the body and of people's psychological connections. They signal and induce interdependence, trust, dependence, care: matresses with plugin tubes, vests that connect, one to anotherfor sustenance, transfusion, feeding, help.

Best known are the images of Slee's suits that reveal the vulnerable stomach. This is an interesting step from gallery art into 'the social', into a social mode to enliven, activate, social norms and links. They inaugurate a form of 'play', with its abstraction of society and society's reciprocity and conventions of trust and recognition and its innocence. The body suits also perform a levelling of the players (bracketing out their wider social role).

Slee is in the process of expanding her field of operation from installation and the sculptural to including performanceandevent, and billboard hoardings.

Ken Bolton from his Samstag catalogue essay, New Brew: Export Quality SixPack
2004 Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship
2004 International Student, Stadelschüle, Frankfurt, Germany 
2002 Masters in Fine Art (Research), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne 
1995 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Sculpture), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne 
1988 Bachelor of Applied Science (Landscape Architecture), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne 

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