Louisa Bufardeci
Born 1969, Melbourne, Victoria

Louisa Bufardeci's works seem initially, for a moment, like large paintings. But they are not. Bufardeci makes mostly digital prints (in effect maps and charts) that utilize various systems and investigate the colourcoding of visual information, statistical information. The results are not subjectively derived, and not through usual symbolic convention. They have a bracing and arbitrary linkageto social analysis, political economy.

These are not emotional and culturally embedded understandings of colour and form that underlie these 'pictures'. This recognition is something of a shock and a challengea move away from colour as emotional index, and it relates more to a culture of technology, and analysis.
Initially we try to see them as conventional abstraction: the mistake and readjustment are part of our education, a heuristic device. The heavy lode of information gives these pictures' coding an intensely powerful effect. Witness Export Distribution or These are a few things I think you should know full of diagrammatic urgency, partway between electric circuitry, the viral and patterns of force and movement.

These are wallsized digital prints and, meanwhile, Bufardeci plans to move to animation with interactive components.

Ken Bolton from his Samstag catalogue essay, New Brew: Export Quality SixPack
2004 Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship
2004 MFA, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, USA 
1998 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Drawing), Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne 
1991 Bachelor of Education (Visual Art), University of Melbourne, Melbourne 

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