Anke Kindle
Born 1972, Freiburg, Germany

The design work of Anke Kindle draws together the tasks and needs of everyday life with a surreal vision in funky biomorphic furniture with a distinct and animated presence. She is concerned to blur the boundaries between furniture design and sculpture by mixing up methodological approaches and techniques. Kindle's work questions the edges of practicality, the limits of utility.

The soft seat sculptures Anton and Effie (20012002) lie on the floor like bodies we know from a cartoon. From a distance they appear to be made from plasticine, as if they could easily form themselves into a ball and roll away. Then there are Tulled Lena, Precious March and Quilted Venus (20012002), respectively a lipstick mirror, a jewellery storage unit and a clothes stand. Each 1.8 metre object is like a large tongue, an organ of extension, friction and potential pleasure. They suggest fetish objects that may have uses other than the ones for which they are signposted.

Stephanie Radok from her Samstag catalogue essay, The Point of Knowing
2003 Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship
2003 MFA, Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland, UK 
2001 Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours), University of Tasmania, Hobart 
2000 Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Tasmania, Hobart 
1997 Diploma of Arts (Furniture Design), Box Hill Institute of TAFE, Melbourne