Paula Wong
Born 1965, Melbourne, Victoria

The radical absence of the aesthetic object and of the object, per se, in the art of late modernism, was often provided with a justification contextualised in the antirhetoric of Mahayana Buddhism, or Zen, a disposition towards the world emphasising the value of meditation and intuition. The attainment of perception is the nugget at the heart of the Zen credo, and such an attainment is also the creative vanishing point in the installation work of Paula Wong, work that hovers between dimensions relative to a phenomenology of process  onsciousness and direct experience and the material dimension that remains as traces of the passing of the moment.

Meditations on identity, "......involving repetition such as string making, stitching, typing and knitting", * intertwined with the gestural pleasures of randomness and indeterminacy, combine to provide a striking analogy of a personal journey into the light.

James Moss from his Samstag catalogue essay, The World is not Enough

2000 Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship
2000 Associate Research Student, Goldsmiths College, London, UK 
1999 Master of Arts (Fine Arts), RMIT University, Melbourne 
1996 Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) (Honours), RMIT University, Melbourne