Marco Masci 
Born 1977, Brisbane, Queensland

The artistic concerns of Marco Masci are intricately enmeshed in the twin issues of representation and identity, towards both of which he has adopted a transinstitutional approach. With a background in photography and an eye to new representational technologies, this artist has enlisted "light, image and sculptural form"* to express the conflicting nature of belonging to, and yet being absent from, a socioculturally prescribed ethnicity and gender.

Masci's interest in new formulations of materials and media is synonymous with his interests in the new orders of identity, and the conceptual wit that alternates between both foci can be seen to great effect. The 'positive' or central aspect of these images is illuminated and yet arbitrary, and it is only by looking to the edges of these vaguely island-like shapes that they are revealed as contexts of desire.

James Moss from his Samstag catalogue essay, The World is not Enough
2000 Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship
2000 Graduate Program, School of Visual Art, New York, USA
1998 Bachelor of Visual Arts in Photography, Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane