Michele Beevors
Born 1964, Sydney, New South Wales

In previous work, Beevors fabricated enormous simulations of household attics, stairs and laundries, gorged with the stuff of women's domestic labour  a congestion of greying plastic and biodegradable Zeitgeist. These spent suburban corpses, denuded of their superficial sheen, mirrored the repressed underbelly of all our lives  the mundanity of our consumption and domestic practice.

The gender materiality in Michele Beevor's soft, domestic sculptures, by contrast serves a different purpose. In her latest work, Fowlerware, Beevors shifts her gaze to other household signifiers. For example, a pinksponge toilet and cistern is an absurd Duchampian vessel. Crammed with shavers, it sags with imminent saturation  an icon of our dependence. 

Ross Wolfe from his Samstag essay, Chaos in Heavean

1994 Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarship
1994 MFA, Colombia University, New York, USA 
1993 Master of Arts (Visual Arts), Australian National University, Canberra

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