Class of 2003 Samstag Scholarships

(For release on Friday, November 8, 2002)


Once more it's November, and the University of South Australia is delighted to present another group of special individuals to the world; they are the seven, new recipients of Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarships - the Samstag Class of 2003. At different times next year they will each pack their modern swags and head off overseas, down paths well lit, already, by the eighty others who preceded them.

It is in the nature of young Australians to travel and this is cultural adventure of a high order, an exciting research and development trek requiring personal stamina, shrewdness and confidence, but promising unusual rewards in experience and knowledge gained.

Viewed against the drama of current world events, Samstag's by-now routine annual philanthropy might not seem especially crucial. But, as Samstag director Ross Wolfe suggests, "we are recognizing as a community, more and more clearly, the essential nature of cultural work and the vital contributions of artists, with their special insight and power to get beyond the frame, and to materialize and challenge us with visions of alternative worlds ". He says that, "the Samstag artists, so often ahead of the game to begin - will return from their travels with added value as community assets".

The seven new Samstag Scholars who will take up their scholarships in 2003, are Samantha Small (South Australia), Rebecca Ann Hobbs, John Meade and Callum Morton (Victoria), Maria Kontis (NSW), Anke Kindle (Tasmania), Simon Pericich (Western Australia). Each artist will receive, firstly, a twelve months living allowance of US$28,000 (approximately $50,000 Australian) and additionally, travel expenses and the cost of institutional study fees, commonly in excess of US$20,000 a year at American university art schools, a popular destination for Samstag artists.

The 2003 Samstag catalogue essay is written by well-known Adelaide-based writer and artist, Stephanie Radok, who has skillfully summarised each Samstager's work and concerns, a task requiring sure hands. She cuts to the chase with her useful questions about what it means to be a Samstag artist and an international Australian, in the context of world culture.

Judges for the 2002 Samstag Scholarships were Professor Kay Lawrence, head of the South Australian School of Art, John Barbour, South Australian artist and a senior lecturer at the School of Art, and Lauren Berkowitz, nationally renowned artist based in Victoria.


Information on Gordon Samstag and his historic in-perpetuity bequest is attached.

For further information contact - Ross Wolfe, Director, Samstag Program

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