Class of 2001 Samstag Scholarships

(For release on November 10, 2000)


The valuable Millennial Anne and Gordon Samstag International Visual Arts Scholarships being presented today by the University of South Australia, have more than just the usual lining of Samstag gold. The ten recipient artists from around Australia will share up to $1M (Australian dollars) for study overseas commencing in 2001.

Samstag Program director Ross Wolfe says that the continuing increase in numbers of Samstag Scholarships being awarded by the University reflects the amazing boom in the American sharemarket, where benefactor Gordon Samstag's estate is invested. Presented through the South Australian School of Art, the annual number of scholarships has doubled in just the past three years, and seventy-two have now been awarded since 1992.

The in-perpetuity Samstag Scholarship's reputation as the richest research and development award of its kind offered in Australia is underlined in a different way this year, with the collapsing Australian dollar rendering lengthy overseas travel impossible for students (and just about everyone else). But the ten Samstag artists are well insulated from volatile currency movements - their tax-exempt educational Samstag Scholarships are set in American dollars and quite unaffected by the crashing Australian dollar.

Each artist will receive, firstly, a twelve months living allowance stipend of US$26,000 (approximately $50,000 Australian) and, additionally, travel expenses and the cost of institutional study fees, commonly in excess of US$20,000 a year at American university art schools, a popular destination for Samstag artists.

This year's lucky Samstag recipients are Christine Collins (NSW), Shaun Gladwell (NSW), Glenys Hodgeman (SA), Anne Kay (NSW), Fassih Keiso (VIC), Archie Moore (QLD), Rea (NSW), John Spiteri (NSW), Linda Marrinon (VIC) and Paul White (NSW).

The 2001 "Millennial" Samstag catalogue includes an informative essay on the work of scholarship recipients by Robyn McKenzie, respected Melbourne-based critic, art historian and editor of Like, contemporary art magazine. The catalogue, essay and artists' work can be accessed on the Samstag website ( The judges for the 2001 Samstag Awards were Professor Noel Frankham, head of the South Australian School of Art, Olga Sankey, South Australian artist and Senior Lecturer at the South Australian School of Art and Derek Kreckler, well-known performance and multimedia artist based in Western Australia.

Gold to Australia!


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