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Apply for the Samstag Scholarship

The Samstag Scholarship is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity open to Australian visual artists to complete a year-long placement in an international learning institution.

The annual scholarships enable Australian artists to develop their artistic capacities and skills through a dedicated period of practice-based learning.

Each scholarship covers reasonable costs for twelve months overseas, and includes institutional fees for one academic year of study (where applicable), a generous tax-exempt stipend of US $50,000, return airfares, personal travel and medical insurance.


Applications for the 2020 Samstag Scholarships have closed.


The application process is online. Follow the following steps:

 1. Find out if you are eligible:

  • All applicants must be either Australian citizens or have permanent resident status in Australia, and be at least 18 years of age.
  • You must be either: a student, currently enrolled in a practice-led visual arts program, having successfully completed at least two years of an undergraduate or post-graduate degree; OR a graduate, of not more than five years standing by the date when applications close, of a practice-led visual art undergraduate degree or postgraduate qualification at an Australian institution of higher education.

2. Carefully read the 2020 Guidelines, FAQs, and information on Researching Overseas Study:

3. Download and complete Section G and Section H documents prior to completing the online application form:

4. Applicants including still images in their submission need to also download the PowerPoint template:

5. Apply! Complete and submit the online application form prior to midnight Tuesday 30 July 2019 (Australian Eastern Standard Time):