The Samstag Legacy, 2016

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The Samstag Legacy: An Artist's Bequest
Essays by Lea Rosson DeLong and Ross Wolfe

The American artist Gordon Samstag famously made of the great cultural bequests benefitting the arts in this country, enabling Australian visual artists to develop their skills and abilities internationally – through the Anne & Gordon Samstag International Visual Art Scholarships.

This groundbreaking book charts the lives and careers of Anne and Gordon Samstag, and their sixteen years of living and working in Australia and eventual return to America.

Who were the enigmatic Samstags? Intensely private, each boasting rich ancestral family trees, philanthropy was in their blood. This is their story.

Proudly published by the Samstag Museum of Art for the University of South Australia’s 25th birthday celebrations and the 25th anniversary of the Samstag Scholarships.

"At last, the world will know about the well-connected Samstags!" — Daniel Thomas, Art Monthly Australasia

392 pages, hardback, richly illustrated with over 190 images

Hardcover, full colour | RRP $50 incl. GST