Lisa Reihana, in Pursuit of Venus [infected]_install


The Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art is one of the University of South Australia’s leading creative centres; its establishment, in 2007, reflects the University’s determination to make a dynamic contribution to the intellectual and cultural life of South Australia and to the Australian tertiary education sector.

The Samstag Museum of Art presents a changing exhibitions program of contemporary visual art, and art of the past that has relevance for us today. The program is intended to be of broad interest and educational value to a wide public community.  The Museum additionally manages and develops the University of South Australia Art Collection and administers the prestigious Samstag Scholarships on behalf of the American-based Trustee of the estate of Gordon Samstag.

The Samstag Museum has been named in honour of two distinguished American benefactors to Australian culture, whose remarkable bequest provides opportunities for Australian artists to study overseas, through the University of South Australia.



Located near Adelaide’s other premier cultural institutions on North Terrace at the UniSA’s City West campus, the Samstag Museum of Art aims to stimulate, challenge and engage its audiences with a program of diverse and innovative exhibitions, publications and associated public activities. The Samstag Museum is a founding member of the University Art Museums of Australia group (UAMA).

We invite all our students, staff and visitors to the University to experience the creativity, innovation and excitement of many great Australian and international artists through the Samstag Museum of Art.



The University of South Australia's Anne & Gordon Samstag Museum of Art celebrated its opening on 11 October 2007 with the exhibition Wonderful World, a project expressing the scope and sophistication of Australian contemporary art practice, and demonstrating the cultural ambition of the Samstag Museum. 

The Samstag Museum of Art has evolved to its new identity through several different stages of development since its establishment as the College Gallery c.1977 (SACAE) at the Underdale campus. In 1991 the College Gallery was renamed the University of South Australia Art Museum to coincide with the establishment of the University of South Australia and in 1998 the Museum relocated to the city west campus.