Theory of Constraints Complimentary Information Session

In today’s competitive marketplace, all levels of management are constantly under pressure to achieve more with what they have and sometimes less. The Theory of Constraints (ToC) methodology enables the identification and focus of attention towards the activity that limits the value creation and output of a system, so that the bottleneck or 'weakest link'  can be optimised and ensure process improvements are realised.

We invite you and your colleagues to attend one of our complimentary information sessions, where international ToC expert Lewis Trigger shares common sense, practical solutions drawn from the advanced management doctrine ToC to address the challenge of “Unlocking Value” by leveraging your Constraints  be it a Resource Constraints, a Policy Constraint, as well as a Market Constraint.

Learn how ToC ‘fits-in’ with Lean and Sigma frameworks to provide a reliable problem solving and system improvement technique.

The complimentary Theory of Constraints Information Session for 2019 will be at UniSA's City West Campus on:

  • Date: Tuesday 9 April  5.30pm - 7:00pm     

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