Black Belt

Robin Barlow,
Director, Quality: Asia, Africa & Middle East, Carl Zeiss Vision

"I found the SSBB course an excellent, well-paced series of modules to acquire an in-depth understanding of the SSBB Body of Knowledge and the skills to apply it effectively. The course incorporates numerous case studies and tutorial problems to solve in an interactive, classroom environment. The presenter, Neil Davidson, as a Master Black Belt, has a unique blend of academic expertise and accumulated practical real-world experience in the application of Six Sigma. He has a relaxed, engaging delivery style full of anecdotes, user-perspectives as well as a dash of wit & humour. I would highly recommend this course. The ASQ SSBB course is comprehensive, recognised internationally and has the credibility that sets it apart from other shorter courses also offering SSBB training but likely with less-thorough content."

Areas of study and research

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