Group Captain Tony Green
Officer in charge of RAAF Capability Program

"UniSA provides Air Force with a successful program of Executive Change Leadership. UniSAs staff worked collaboratively with the Air Force Improvement team to develop a course which leveraged off existing material but adapted to specific Air Force delivery and content requirements. The facilitators delivered a quality product and were able to successfully address the varied challenges of senior staff about to commence on the change journey and the adoption of the Lean Enterprise approach as the core methodology for improvement."

For more information on the RAAF success story please visit the article from UniSA's Business News.


Nick Morrow
Process Engineer
Accolade Wines


Very eye opening; on the verge of life-changing. Really amazing history to technical understanding to real world examples.

Alister did an incredible job leading the course and facilitating discussion. I would recommend this course to everyone – it is applicable to all aspects of business and life in general. 10/10   




Greg Deverson
Operations Manager
Babcock Pty Ltd Australia

I found the course very informative and interesting.  The lecturer was knowledgeable and shared many experiences with us which I could relate to.  The tools and techniques and what to put to good use.

Overall a very worthwhile course which I intend to put to good use.

Claire McKay
Program Leader Continuous Improvement
City of West Torrens

The course provides the fundamental approach for Lean organisational transformation. I gained most benefit from the holistic approach of organisational strategy in regard to Lean as an improvement that is continuous and ongoing. The importance of aligning Lean initiatives to organisational objectives including change and people strategies. Practical exercises and case studies enhance the learning of the process and benefit that can be gained, over and above what we think we can see!

Very experienced course presenter Alister is fundamental in the ‘real’ scenario, learnings and knowledge factor of the course.   

Mark Wilkins
Air Combat Group Reform Program Manager
Air Force (RAAF)

 Learning outcomes:

  • Understanding what is Lean Leadership.
  • How it fits in.
  • The value of Lean Leadership – Identifying waste.
  • Built in risk, cost conscious, flexibility and agility.


  • I can manage reform/improvements of my organisation using Lean processes.
  • I now have the Lean knowledge to ensure it is implemented correctly.





Ben McDonald
Regional Manager, Supply Engineering
Treasury Wine Estates

"Presentations and content were relevant with good practical case studies. Tools were relevant to our business and across the business.  Good understanding of total supply chain (supplier → customer) and understanding of impact."

Mark Lawrence
MP & L Manager
Futuris Automotive

"I undertook this course with some fragments of knowledge in relation to Lean Principles.

The outstanding delivery, content and pace have enabled me to crystallise the Lean philosophy and will provide me with the tools to make a difference in my place of work.

Highly recommended."


Cass Gannon
Lean Thinking Co-ordinator
City of West Torrens

"The course has linked together all of the CI tools that I have applied in previous roles with a “Lean Business Model” that is a holistic way of looking at running a business."



Adam Eggins
Chief Winemaker
Taylors Wines

"This course has been great.

Understanding and maximising value adding will be a huge part of the future. This course sets the foundation to do exactly that."

Olivia Leung
Six Sigma Facilitator
General Electric

"Thank you. Very practical.

Very applicable for businesses that have attempted to implement Lean but find sustainability a key challenge.  Learned a lot from the last 3 days."

Hollie Gourlay
Lean Project Leader
Kangan Institute

"This program was a real eye opener for me as a relative beginner with Lean.  It has given me ideas on how to move forward with our Lean implementation.

The Lean Business System made real sense and is a structure we can work with."

Andy Keogh
General Manager Business Development, Transformation
ASC Pty Ltd

"The course provided realistic and practical training and tools to enable the successful development and implementation of a lean program"


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