Lean Sundowners

For people who would like a better understanding of what Lean Thinking is and how it can be applied to improve business performance, UniSA conducts complimentary 'Lean Sundowner' sessions throughout the year.

We invite you and your colleagues to attend one of our complimentary information sessions where you will hear how organisations have successfully implemented sustainable continuous improvement programs by adopting frameworks, models and techniques learnt from extensive research into Lean implementations.

UniSA has developed education programs based on these real life business and process improvement experiences, that build your internal capability to target the elimination of non-value adding activities, or waste as it is known, and to focus on value adding processes.

Our Lean education programs also show how to effectively manage change programs and adopt leadership behaviours that successfully deploy strategy and engage people.

The complimentary Lean Sundowner presentations for 2019 will be held on the following dates and times at UniSA's City West Campus.

  • Tuesday 19 February - 5.30 pm - 7 pm
  • Tuesday 21 May - 5.30 pm - 7 pm
  • Tuesday 10 September -5.30 pm - 7 pm
  • Tuesday 12 November - 5.30 pm - 7 pm

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For further information, please contact Lynne Lamont on +61 8 8302 0362 or Lynne.Lamont@unisa.edu.au

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