Lean Senior Management briefing

BoardroomThis one or two day Lean awareness session provides a comprehensive overview of the concepts of Lean Management for Senior Managers, Executives and Boards to enable them to lead and support a Lean business transformation.

Our presenters include world renowned Lean thinkers, authors, educators, researchers and implementers, as well as industry experienced local and international educators and consultants.

This briefing allows leaders to consider the steps needed to build a lean roadmap, to understand the capability development and change requirements of a lean transformation and to see how to avoid the traps of creating illusory savings.  Learn why a systems view of the enterprise is critical to dramatically improve productivity and create capacity to increase an organisation's output.

Leaders will learn why lean is a change in approach and how costs are reduced by focussing on people and value adding and not cost cutting.

Our Lean awareness session can include the following topics depending on available time, and are customised to suit the industry sector and the organisation's required learning outcomes;

  • Lean principles and putting them into practice
  • What is waste and how to identify it
  • The Lean Transformation Model and Management Systems Framework
  • Understanding customer value and pull
  • Key elements of a lean organisation
  • Lean Matruity assessment and Current and Future states
  • Strategy alignment and deployment
  • Value stream management
  • The role of tools and techniques
  • The extended enterprise
  • Employee engagement
  • The language of leadership and the required leadership behaviours for sustainable change 
  • Case studies of sustainable continuous improvements

Read the latest articles in In Business Magazine and learn how Futuris Automotive used Lean Thinking to adapt to the Global Financial Crisis in Lean Opportunity for Futuris (268kb .pdf).

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