Doing Business in China

Doing Business in China

It is clear that the opportunity for doing business in China today and into the future is significant and growing.  China is Australia’s largest trading partner and export market with a population of 1.4 billion and a growing middle class.

To benefit from this market your organisation needs careful business strategy and the ability to successfully navigate relationships within a complex culture.  The challenges of doing business in China cannot be underestimated.

In this experiential two-day program you will not only gain a deep understanding of the Chinese environment and business practices, you will also be immersed in activities that will build your competence and confidence for successful business partnering.  The unique Chinese business dinner will enable you to experience the etiquette and formalities typically conducted over food when doing business in China.

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Your learning from our program will be applied immediately to developing a business plan for your industry sector.  This will help you to focus on your strategies and minimise the risks and costs associated with entering or expanding within the Chinese market.

Our facilitators have firsthand experience navigating the politics, culture, etiquette and general business practices within China and are engaged in leading research into Australia-China relations.  This is further enhanced through the involvement of a guest speaker who has significant experience in the Chinese market.

Make the decision today to take advantage of the enormous opportunity in China and lead your business to success.

DAY 1: Chinese Business Environments

  • Political, cultural, economic and social history and context
  • Current business environment
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Guanxi and business network building
  • Negotiating with Chinese partners
  • Chinese etiquette and dinner at a Chinese restaurant

 DAY 2: Entering the Chinese Market

  • Guest Speaker experience in China
  • Understanding the Chinese market
  • Building brands in China
  • Cross-cultural marketing
  • Coaching on individual company business case


For Individuals

    • Gain cultural and business understanding for business engagement with China
    • Develop your global perspective
    • Obtain tools for developing targeted strategies and plans for doing business in China
    • Gain feedback and advice from leading experts
    • Experience simulated cross-cultural business negotiations and relationship development
    • Build networks with like-minded professionals
    • Build capacity for Chinese business relations
    • Develop a business strategy for entering or expanding in the Chinese market
    • Understand the legislative implications for doing business in China
    • Reduce risks in Chinese business dealings
    • Build connections with other Australian businesses entering the Chinese market

For Organisations

  • Build capacity for Chinese business relations
  • Develop a business strategy for entering or expanding in the Chinese market
  • Understand the legislative implications for doing business in China
  • Reduce risks in Chinese business dealings
  • Build connections with other Australian businesses entering the Chinese market.


Colin Kelly
Founder & CEO
Part Box

"Overall an extremely worthwhile course. The information provided will dramatically shape our decision moving forward, and I believe those decisions will now be much more informed, strategic and effective".

Matt Grant
Director Business & Economic Development
City of Prospect

"I found the 'Doing Business in China 2 day course invaluable.  It provided a more in depth exploration to business culture, negotiation and a background into the traditions and psyche of why Chinese are such good negotiators and the impact for Australians wishing to do business.

The marketing components, and in particular the online platform information, was eye opening. This mixed with the experiential dinner rounded out by learnings".

Sally Penn
Manager of Enrolments
Seymour College

"The sessions run by Leonie and Richard were outstanding and made very relevant to our business. Ying was excellent and held the course together well.  He assisted other speakers to provide information specific to our businesses. He was also a brilliant host over dinner.

I would recommend this course to others as the lecturers were very knowledgeable in their areas of expertise as well as being good at connecting their topics to our individual businesses, which meant there was a greater depth to the learning outcomes".

This program is designed for up to 15 professionals from organisations endeavouring to undertake business activities within China.  This may include:

  • General Managers
  • Operations Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Business Development Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Finance Managers 
  • Individuals responsible for building and developing businesses or relationships in China

To be announced.




Professor Ying Zhu

Professor Ying Zhu is the Director of the Australia Centre for Asian Business at the University of South Australia.  The Centre is focused on broadening the Australian understanding of the diverse Asian business environment with the aim of supporting international trading relations and building economic prosperity.

Professor Zhu holds a Bachelor of International Economics from Peking University and a PhD from the University of Melbourne. He has worked as an economist at Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in China, been the Director of the Master of Human Resource Management program at the University of Melbourne and held visiting scholar positions at the University of Cambridge, the World Bank, and the International Labour Organization (ILO) in Geneva.

Professor Zhu draws on his business expertise, bilingual language capabilities and strong industry links to assist organisations to develop business synergies with their Asian counterparts.



Associate Professor Richard Lee

Richard Lee is Associate Professor of  Marketing and Research Associate at the Ehrenberg Bass Institute and Associate Director of the Australian Centre for Asian Business. He also serves as a management committee member of the China Business Network SA (CBNSA).

Associate Professor Lee holds a Bachelor of Science and Masters in Business from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and a PhD from University of Western Australia. Prior to academia, Richard spent 15 years managing sales and marketing functions with Asian multinational IT companies. He had also worked in China for three years heading a Beijing-based foreign-Sino joint venture company.

Associate Professor Lee has a particular interest in Australia’s export market to the Asia Pacific region and the role of middle-class Asian consumers in promoting the Australian brand.

Tuition Fee: $1,450.  This course is GST exempt

Early Bird Registration by cob Friday 9 November 2018): $1,250.

Group Fee (3 or more participants): $995 per participant.


    • Pre-reading materials
    • Study notes and presentation handouts
    • Venue and catering, including dinner at an Adelaide-based Chinese restaurant
    • Certificate of Completion


Accommodation and travel expenses are not included. Assistance with bookings is available on request.

Cancellation Policy

The University of South Australia reserves the right to cancel this program at any time and issue refunds.  In the event that an attendee cannot attend, a substitute may attend in their place.  No refunds will be issued unless 21 days notice is given in writing prior to the date of the planned program.

UniSA Business School, City West Campus, Adelaide CBD

 Day 1

  9.00 am  

China in Transition
Professor Ying Zhu

10.30 am

Morning Break

11.00 am

Group Discussion
Cross Cultural Communication

Guanxi and Business Network Building
Professor Ying Zhu

12.30 pm

Lunch Break

 1.30 pm

Role Play of Negotiations with Chinese Partners
Professor Ying Zhu

 3.30 pm to
 5.00 pm

Chinese Etiquette & Business Practices
Professor Ying Zhu

 5.30 pm to
 8.00 pm

Dining Culture in China
(Unique Immersive Business Dinner)

 Day 2

  8.30 am

Guest Speaker

10.00 am

Morning Break

10.30 am

Group Discussion:
Market Entry Strategies

Challenges of Marketing and Business Operations in China
Associate Professor Richard Lee



1.30 pm to   5.00pm

Applied Group Work:
Coaching on Individual Business Case for China
Professor Ying Zhu

Associate Professor Richard Lee

 5.00 pm to
 5.30 pm

Summary & Conclusion

Engaging Presentations

Delivered by our industry experienced academic experts, presentations provide relevant and accessible content that can be readily applied within the business setting.

Group Discussions

The interactive group discussions enable participants to share insights from the perspective of their business and their approach to working in China.  They provide a forum for gaining advice and feedback that can be immediately applied to their own strategies for business success.  Led by our experienced facilitators, these discussions will focus on the targeted topic areas so that all participants can learn from the experts as well as from one another.


This program provides an immersive role play experience for participants through a negotiation case study simulation.  The cohort will be broken into two groups, charged with the challenge of negotiating a business deal and the group will practice with one another taking on the roles of Chinese and Australian business people.  Through this simulation exercise, participants will engage, observe and gain feedback from experts.

Immersive Business Dinner

Those conducting business with Chinese partners understand that dinners play an important role in building effective and trusting relationships that lead to successful business outcomes.  The traditions and etiquettes associated with these dinners cannot be underestimated and must be navigated with cultural sensitivity.  This program includes an authentic Chinese dinner hosted by their facilitators, where participants will have the opportunity to practice their learnings of Chinese business relations, communications and etiquette.  Over the course of the dinner participants will gain feedback and advice from facilitators.

Applied Group Work and Coaching

Working in groups based on industry sector or business case, participants will be coached on a business case for entering the Chinese market and engaging successfully with Chinese partners or to build their business further in China.  The participants will arrive with a potential case to consider and build this over the course of the program.

For groups of 12 or more this program can be tailored to achieve targeted learning objectives aligned to the business needs, or delivered in-house.  Your organisation may consider bringing together like-minded business professionals to focus on a specific industry sector or market strategy.

This program is part of a suite of offerings currently being developed to support doing business in China and which will also include one-on-one business coaching and/or group coaching and a business delegation to Shanghai.  To learn more about these exciting development opportunities, please contact Margaret Hunt, Partner Relationship Manager, Strategic Partnerships at or +61 8 8302 9147.

For more information, please contact Sandra Walker, Program Executive Officer, Strategic Partnerships at or +61 8 830 20801

Areas of study and research

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