Postgraduate degrees

Lecturer contact time for a postgraduate course is 30 hours, generally covered over a 10 week period. Four courses can be completed each year part time.

Delivery format options for organisations

  • Three hours per week for 10 weeks per course or
  • Six  hours every two weeks per course (five full day sessions per course)
  • online learning, where participants access a virtual classroom, which is ideal where participants need to  travel for work purposes
  • Using a blend of online and face to face sessions
  • Other options as determined with the organisation

Graduate Certificate

This four course program is normally studied part-time over 12 months, and is attractive to busy managers who want to combine work and study.

Graduate Diploma

The Graduate Diploma provides all of the essential skills and knowledge to enable practising managers to take the next step in their careers. This program has eight courses, and is normally studied part-time over a two year period. 

Master Programs

UniSA's Master Programs are designed to develop students both personally and professionally. The programs give graduates the tools they need to create their own opportunities and succeed in today's fast paced environments, whether in a small, new business, government or large corporation.  There are 12 courses in the programs, which can be completed part-time over a three year period.

Enquiries, fees and payments

Please direct all enquiries to:

Sandra Walker
Strategic Partnerships
University of South Australia 
Level 5 Way Lee Building 
City West Campus 
North Terrace Adelaide SA 5000
T: 08 8302 0801 

Areas of study and research

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