Promotional Posters

From the second year of the Samstag Program administration, in 1993, an annual promotional poster was produced to raise awareness among eligible Australian artists about the Samstag Scholarships opportunity.

The popular posters had a wide distribution to art schools, galleries and arts organisations, nationally and internationally. Most posters featured a work of art by a successful Samstag Scholar from the preceding year and many have become classics of their kind.

In all, fifteen posters were produced consecutively from 1993. A final, sixteenth poster in the series – scheduled for distribution in 2008 and promoting the 2009 Samstag Scholarships – was designed but ultimately not produced, as a one-year moratorium on awarding scholarships was introduced that year by the Samstag Trustee, in deference to the global financial crisis.

The Samstag Program has since curtailed production of promotional posters, and is instead placing greater emphasis on electronic, online forms of promotion. 

2008: Simon Terrill
2007: Paul Knight
2006: Claire Healy & Sean Cordeiro
2005: Edward Wright
2004: TV Moore 
2003: Rebecca Ann Hobbs
2002: Timothy Horn
2001: Shaun Gladwell 
2000: Gordon Samstag
1999: Matthew Warren
1998: Shaun Kirby
1997: Zhong Chen
1996: John R. Neeson
1995: Lucy Turner
1994: Anne Ooms
1993: Design by Gerry Wedd