Troubled Waters, installation view. Photography by Sam Noonan.

Troubled Waters

Curated by Dr Felicity Fenner, Director, UNSW Galleries

Friday 28 April - Friday 9 June 2017

A major collaborative project between UNSW Science and UNSW Art & Design, Troubled Waters illustrates the complex ecosystem of rivers and oceans by tracing the Murray from its source at Corryong in Victoria to its mouth in South Australia’s Coorong region. Works by multimedia artists, in close collaboration with leading environmental scientist Richard Kingsford, bring environmental research into the gallery to poetically interpret information not easily accessed by non-scientific audiences. Featuring work by: Nici Cumpston; Tamara Dean; Bonita Ely; and Richard Kingsford with Andrew Belletty & Janet Laurence. The exhibition also includes a new 5-channel video installation about the flow of natural resources from Australia to China by filmmaker Georgia Wallace-Crabbe.

A UNSW Art & Design exhibition curated by Dr Felicity Fenner, Director, UNSW Galleries.


Art Almanac: Troubled Waters


Thurday 27 April 2017, 5 - 7pm

ON ART | Felicity Fenner (NSW)

Troubled Waters curator Felicity Fenner on the exhibition and the process of collaboration between art and science.


Tuesday 9 May 2017, 1 - 2pm

ON ART | Richard Kingsford (NSW)

Environmental scientist and Troubled Waters collaborator, Professor Richard Kingsford (NSW) elaborates on the long-lasting impact of damming, pollution and climate change and the process of working with artists to present these dilemmas through art. 

Tuesday 23 May 2017, 1 - 2pm

ON ART | Georgia Wallace-Crabbe (NSW)

Australian film producer and director, Georgia Wallace-Crabbe on her practice and video installation The Earth and the Elements

Tuesday 30 May 2017, 1 - 2pm

ON ART | Nici Cumpston (SA)

As part of the Samstag Museum of Art's recognition of Reconciliation Week, artist Nici Cumpston speaks on her artistic practice and the personal and historical stories behind her work in Troubled Waters.