Abstract Nature

30 July – 08 October 2010

Abstract Nature features works of art in a wide range of media, all of which are inspired by the immanent beauty of organic pattern and form in the Australian landscape – from the microsphere of natural life to the macro patterns of the continent seen from above. Fluid linear abstraction, organic mark making, natural tones and textures embody the spirit of place and evoke the artists' sense of connectivity between mind and nature.

Guest curator Margot Osborne has selected works by twenty Australian artists, including Nyukana (Daisy) Baker/Robin Best, Giles Bettison, Julie Blyfield, GW Bot, Tim Burns, Pippin Drysdale, Philip Hunter, Jessica Loughlin, Djambawa Marawili, Wanyubi Marika, Leslie Matthews, Julie Ryder, Jenny Sages, Catherine Truman, Angela Valamanesh, Regina Wilson, Shona Wilson, Richard Woldendorp and Catherine Woo. 

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Abstract Nature exhibition (YouTube video) (opens in a new window)

Interview with Giles Bettison (YouTube video) (opens in a new window)