Aldo IACOBELLI, Bicycle riders (detail), 2007.

Aldo Iacobelli: A Conversation with Jheronimus

Friday 15 June  Friday 31 August 2018

A major exhibition of new and recent works by one of Adelaide’s most internationally experienced artists, exploring humanity’s ongoing struggle for moral safe ground.

A familiar visitor to the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Aldo Iacobelli has long been under the spell of Hieronymus Bosch’s iconic The Haywain Triptychexecuted the year of Bosch’s death in 1516which depicts careless humans indulging their follies and lust on the path to hell.

Aldo Iacobelli’s ambitious A Conversation with Jheronimus presents as a fascinating conceptual dialogue between the artist and one of Europe’s great Renaissance masters. Bringing Bosch’s eternal allegory of religion, politics and sin into a contemporary context, this unusual site-specific installation embodies the consistent socio-political thread that runs through Iacobelli’s four decades of distinctive practice.

A Samstag Museum of Art exhibition for the SALA Festival.