Entrance to Samstag Museum of Art

The Hawke Building

The Samstag Museum of Art is housed in the Hawke Building, the University of South Australia's flagship named in honour of Australia's distinguished former Prime Minister. The Hawke Building is also home to the University Chancellery.

Designed by John Wardle Architects in association with Hassell, the Hawke Building presents a commanding façade to Adelaide's North Terrace and incorporates a series of complex and unique architectural elements.

Besides its role as the University's corporate centre, the functions accommodated within the Hawke Building are largely civic in nature and representative of the University's commitment to the greater community.

The Hawke Building is also home to the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, the 400-seat Allan Scott Auditorium, providing one of Adelaide's most outstanding lecture theatre facilities, and the Bradley Forum with international teleconferencing facilities and seating for 150 people.


Exhibition Galleries

The Samstag Museum comprises three interconnected exhibition galleries which can facilitate one large exhibition or three distinct exhibitions.

Gallery 1 is located on the ground floor adjacent to the Hawke Building entry and Samstag Museum information desk off North Terrace. Galleries 2 and Gallery 3 are located on the next level up and are linked by a bridge which spans across the large gallery atrium space.

The upstairs galleries are accessed by the black stairs directly opposite the Samstag Museum information desk. The white stairs take visitors to the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery and to all other levels and facilities in the building.

The Samstag Museum lift, accessed via Gallery 1 (Level 2/Ground Floor), is available for visitors to move between Gallery 1 and Galleries 2 and 3 (Level 3).