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Wednesday 9 April 2014



with South Australian healthcare professionals

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A number of South Australian healthcare professionals regularly provide vital humanitarian support to Palestinians in the West Bank and refugee camps elsewhere.

They work with people who struggle daily to maintain their culture, dignity, economy and well-being in the face of serious and continuing restrictions imposed on them through what the Australian Friends of Palestine Association considers to be the occupation of Palestinian territory. The resulting disruption to Palestinian lives and livelihoods causes great hardship for individuals and families.

During this informative presentation, the speakers will explain their motivation for providing their services, describe the experiences they encounter, and outline the impact of their work. Given the significant difficulties faced by the Palestinian people, the stories told by the presenters will be both challenging and eye-opening. 


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Co-presented with the not-for-profit Australian Friends of Palestine Association (AFOPA), which promotes humanitarian support for Palestine, and provides Australians with information about Palestine.


Speakers include, Dr Francis Nathan; occupational therapist Merlin Nathan; plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr Mark Moore; and David Denborough from The Dulwich Centre Foundation International (Adelaide) – working in partnership with The Treatment and Rehabilitation Center for Victims of Torture in Palestine.


Dulwich CentreDavid Denborough & Dulwich Centre

Over the last ten years, Dulwich Centre Foundation International (Adelaide) has been working in partnership with the Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre for Victims of Torture (Palestine). This presentation will highlight the creative, hopeful work of Palestinian counsellors and community workers who are working in profoundly difficult contexts. It will be presented by David Denborough from Dulwich Centre.


Mark Moore portraitDr Mark Moore AM, FRACS

Mark has been a Plastic and Craniofacial Surgeon in both Public and Private practice in Adelaide for 25 years. He has from his early years in specialist practice been involved in the provision of volunteer surgical and teaching missions in the developing world. Most recently he has, under the auspices of the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, contributed to plastic and reconstructive surgical missions to the Palestine Medical Complex, Ramallah.



Francis NathanDr Francis Nathan has been working with the Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza and refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria since 2000 with PCRF (Palestine Childrens’ Relief Fund) delivering cataract surgery and facilitating donations of essential equipment with the help of the Australian Friends of Palestine.

Merlin Nathan has visited Palestine and Lebanon since 2002 working with disabled children, mentoring young Occupational Therapists and initiating numerous projects for rehabilitation of the disabled.





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