What is newDemocracy?

Wednesday 20 November 2013



with Professor Geoff Gallop AC, University of Sydney and the newDemocracy Foundation

Podcast available HERE (mp3 format 243MB)

People want to be participants in politics, not just polarised voters in adversarial contests. The newDemocracy Foundation believes there is a better way to do democracy. The Foundation is an independent, non-partisan research organisation aiming to identify improvements to our democratic process - it suggests that we don't need better politicians; we need a better political system. Professor Geoff Gallop, Chair of the Research Committee of  The newDemocracy Foundation will explain the principles and purpose of the newDemocracy movement.

Professor Geoff Gallop is Director at the University of Sydney's Graduate School of Government and delivered the 13th Annual Hawke Lecture in 2010 on the topic of Re-thinking Australian Politics: Engaging the Disenchanted in which he critiqued modern political processes and their impact on the community.


Geoff GallopProfessor Geoff Gallop
Director, Graduate School of Government, University of Sydney

Professor Geoff Gallop AC was a member of the Western Australian Parliament for twenty years from 1986 and Premier from 2001 to 2006. Since retiring from politics he has been Director of the Graduate School of Government at Sydney University. He was Deputy Chair of the COAG Reform Council from 2007 to 2011, a member of the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission from 2008 to 2009 and is currently Chair of the Australia Awards Board for the Commonwealth.  He chairs the research committee for the New Democracy Foundation and is on the Board of the Hawke Research Institute. In 2012 he published Politics, Society, Self: occasional writings (UWA Publishing).


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