Australia and the Pacific - Saviour or Neo-Colonialist sheriff?

Saviour or Neo-Colonialist sheriff?

with Sociologist, Dr Robert Wolfgramm

Saturday 15 November 2003

The Australian West Papua Association and the Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre of the University of South Australia, with the support of the East Timor Friendship Assoc., Fiji Assoc., Tongan Community Radio

Robert Wolfgramm was born in Fiji in 1952 of German, Tongan, Jewish, Australian and Fijian ancestors. Robert moved to Melbourne in 1963 and has been busy since, raising 8 children, and teaching Sociology, Religion, Popular Music, Sociology of Ethnicity and Minority Relations. He has been a failed theology student, a timber measurer, a printer’s collator, a railway clerk, a builder’s labourer, an interstate truck driver, and a musician with Fijian band, the Bula Boys, recording three albums.

During the 1980s Robert studied under Guboo Ted Thomas (now deceased) Yuin elder of Wallaga Lake. In 1990 while researching indigenous Fijians for his doctorate, Robert began to take up articulating their interests, something he still does. He lobbies and writes for the Signs religious magazine and has appeared in Adventist Professional, Spectrum, Review of Religious Research, and the God Factor. He has written articles for the Age and Fiji Times.

Also presenting

Jacob Rumbiak, Senior Research Associate, RMIT University, leader of the West Papuan independence movement and its chief proponent of non-violence, jailed for 10 years for the cause
Siti Rogoimuri, a Fijian who is a p/t student at Theological College and works with the homeless
Andy Alcock, who received a peace award for his 28 years work on East Timor independence
Neti Folauhola, President, Tongan Community Radio and teacher, Salisbury Primary School
Therese Kemelfield, migrated from Bougainville in 1990, working on traditional Motuna stories and children's games

Further information

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