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Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Palliative Care South Australia

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Responding to spiritual needs is well recognised in government policy and best practice guidelines as part of a holistic approach to palliative care. But what do we mean by spiritual needs and what do they look like in the unpredictable and fluctuating environments of palliative care? This presentation will reflect upon these questions from both a philosophical and practical perspective. The forum will consider the individual nature of spirituality and its implications for providing care for those with a life-limiting illness.


Craig has worked in a range of human services and has studied theology and social sciences. He was Executive Officer of Chaplaincy Services SA for seven years and most recently held the position of Manager Wellness and Spiritual Care Services with Central Adelaide Local Health Network. His focus has been developing spiritual care as a contemporary and inclusive dimension of healthcare. Craig is currently studying a Master of Social Work degree at University of South Australia.

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Spiritual and Pastoral Care Services within South Australian Public Mental Health Facilities


For the past six years Fiona has worked as a non-denominational Pastoral Care worker, being part of the allied health team in a private hospital. The hospital has a dedicated palliative ward and oncology centre. Fiona offers support to patients from all faith traditions and those with none, along with family members and carers.

Previously, Fiona volunteered as a complementary therapist and meditation facilitator in a hospice setting, and was the coordinator of a group of volunteer Pastoral Care workers at a local Buddhist Centre. Aside from her work, Fiona educates and supervises students in Clinical Pastoral Education, one of the recognised training modalities for Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care. Fiona is passionate about the importance of quality spiritual support for patients at all stages of their illness.


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Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Palliative Care South Australia

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