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A key commitment in the University’s strategic plan - Enterprise25 - is to introduce a program-focused organisational structure. We have an ambition to orient ourselves around our academic programs and ensure our resources are focused on the quality of our teaching, research and the student experience.

On Monday 28 October 2019, the Final Change Plan to introduce a program-focused academic organisational structure for the University was released to staff. The Final Change Plan presents the new internal academic structure, timelines for transition, employment principles and processes. A high-level summary of this paper is available to download below. 

To start our transition to a new academic structure, a series of implementation plans have been released and will help guide and support our staff through the transition process.

For further information, please contact  enterprise25@unisa.edu.au.

Change Proposal Paper

On Monday 16 September, a Change Proposal Paper was released to staff, marking the commencement of the formal change process. This proposal outlined a future academic structure that has been refined through extensive engagement and feedback with the University community. A high-level summary of the Change Proposal Paper is available to read below. 

Staff were encouraged to provide their feedback on the proposal by Friday 4 October 2019 and as a result, more than 180 written submissions were received. The University’s senior management has reviewed each submission and has used this valuable input to refine the final new academic structure for the organisation.

Discussion Paper

The Discussion Paper formed the first stage of the academic transformation process providing initial details about the proposed academic organisational structure, composition and titles of the proposed new Academic Units, and outlines the transition approach. A series of discussion questions were also provided for consideration and feedback.

Feedback on the Discussion Paper closed on Friday 19 July. More than 150 submissions were received from staff, students, external advisory boards, alumni and industry and government representatives and a summary of the feedback is available to download below.

This feedback has been used to inform the academic structures and other aspects of the transformation reflected in the Change Proposal Paper and the Final Change Plan.

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