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Global Engagement

Building partnerships for the future

As a globally-focused institution, we are committed to building enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with our alumni and partners around the world. 

We currently have major partnerships with education institutions and governments around the world including the UK's University College London, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, Europe and the United States of America. Our key partnerships in China include Joint Centre research partnership agreements with Tianjin, Shandong, Beijing Normal and Central Southern Universities. UniSA is also partnering with Chinese pharmaceutical companies to develop and produce innovative drugs.

UniSA is also leading partnerships in the defense and space industries fields; UniSA and leading defence systems company, Saab Australia are also partnering to establish the new Saab Australia-UniSA Defence Technologies Institute; and UniSA will be the lead institution for one of the most significant space industry research concentrations in Australia when it heads up a new Cooperative Research Centre for Smart Satellite Technologies and Analytics – The SmartSat CRC.