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Team history

A modern, vibrant and innovative university, UniSA is proud of its association with the Santos Tour Down Under (TDU) beginning in 2001 and of our support of the development of young Australian riders through Team UniSA-Australia.

The TDU is a great fit for UniSA - it is about team work, individual performance and excellence. Importantly, it is also about participation, not just for Australian professional cyclists but also for all the supporters - local and visiting - who are given the opportunity to support their passion and be involved in all the Festival of Cycling activities.

Our Team UniSA-Australia riders have turned in some thrilling performances over the years, including 19-year-old headliner Caleb Ewan finishing third in the People's Choice Classic in 2014. In the same year, 20-year-old Victorian Jack Haig won the overall Young Rider's Jersey.

Will Clarke's determined Stage 2 win in 2012 is amongst the best the team has seen. This same year also saw South Australian rider Rohan Dennis earn three classification titles at the end of the Tour including the King of the Mountain jersey. This comes after fellow South Australian Luke Roberts secured the King of the Mountain jersey with Team UniSA-Australia in 2011.

Other memorable victories have included the Teams classification in 2004 and 2006, an overall win for Patrick Jonker in 2004, Karl Menzies' overall runner-up postition in 2007, and a down to the wire second place overall for Allan Davis in the 2008 race.

Classification Placings


 2008 Allan Davies 2nd
 2007 Karl Menzies 2nd
 2006 Gene Bates 5th
 2004 Patrick Jonker 1st
 2002 Patrick Jonker 3rd


2016 Team UniSA 1st
2006 Team UniSA 1st
2004 Team UniSA 1st

King of the Mountain

2015 Jack Bobridge 1st
2012 Rohan Dennis 1st
2011 Luke Roberts 1st
2011 Mitchell Docker 3rd
2010 David Kemp 3rd
2005 Gene Bates 1st
2002 Russell van Hout 2nd
2001 Russell van Hout 2nd

Most Aggressive Rider

2008 Allan Davis 1st 

Sprints classification

2006  Russell van Hout 2nd

Young Rider jersey

2014 Jack Haig 1st
2012 Rohan Dennis 1st
2003 Gene Bates 1st
2001 Gene Bates 1st

Stage classification

2015 1 Jack Bobridge 1st
2015 4 Steele von Hoff 1st
2012 2 Will Clarke 1st
2008 3 Allan Davis 1st
2007 5 Allan Davis 3rd
2007 3 Chris Jongewaard 2nd
2007 1 Karl Menzies 1st
2006 4 Russell van Hout 1st
2006 4 Paul Crake 2nd
2006 2 Paul Crake 2nd
2004 3 Gene Bates 2nd
2002 2 Corey Sweet 2nd
2001 4 Luke Roberts 1st