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    Australian Society for Medical Research (ASMR)

    The Sansom Institute is a proud sponsor of the ASMR Medical Research Week 2015

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  • Natalie Parletta

    Can Mediterranean food boost mental health?

    Dr Natalie Parletta suggests it can. Read about her latest research findings in the Sansom news.

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  • Ian Olver

    Prevention is better than the cure

    Director of the Sansom Institute for Health Research, Professor Ian Olver, has one simple message when it comes to cancer prevention.

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  • Master of Research (Population Health)


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  • Health Horizons: The Healthy Ageing Issue

    Health Horizons: The Healthy Ageing Issue

    Latest news from the Sansom Institute for Health Research.

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  • Linking research to positive health outcomes

    Linking research to positive health outcomes

    The Sansom Institute is dedicated to research that anticipates and responds to the health care needs of a rapidly changing world.

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The Sansom Institute for Health Research is the University of South Australia’s premier health and biomedical research concentration. It brings together a diverse group of leading scientists with the key aims of intervening early to prevent illness, improving health systems and services, creating more effective therapies, and advancing health equality.

Named after eminent Australian pharmacist Emeritus Professor Lloyd Sansom AO, the Sansom Institute encompasses a unique breadth of research that extends across the entire health spectrum.

More than 250 members and 200 PhD students collaborate across a diverse range of cutting edge projects, with an annual research income of over $20m. We have many valued national and international collaborations, and the institute currently collaborates with around 120 institutions in 22 countries.

From cancer treatment to genetic and infectious diseases, nutrition and exercise, population health and epidemiology and the early origins of adult health, our researchers' interests are many and varied, but what all share is a spirit of cooperation and a desire to improve human health through innovative, outcomes-focused research.

Engage with us at the Sansom Institute and you’ll tap into the work of leading scientists finding solutions to some of the big health care challenges of the 21st century.


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