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  • Health Horizons: The Healthy Start Issue

    Health Horizons: The Healthy Start Issue

    Latest news from the Sansom Institute for Health Research.

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  • News

    Latest News from the Sansom Institute

    World class research published in Nature and the Lancet.

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  • Linking research to positive health outcomes

    Linking research to positive health outcomes

    The Sansom Institute is dedicated to research that anticipates and responds to the health care needs of a rapidly changing world.

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Engage with us at the Sansom Institute and you’ll tap into the work of leading scientists finding solutions to some of the big health care challenges of the 21st century.

Named after eminent Australian pharmacist Lloyd Sansom AO, the institute was founded in 2004.

From cancer treatment to genetic and infectious diseases, nutrition and exercise, population health and epidemiology and the early origins of adult health, our researchers' interests are many and varied, but what all share is a spirit of cooperation and a desire to improve human health through innovative, outcomes-focused research.

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