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    Copycats & Contrarians

    Professor Michelle Baddeley's new book "Copycats & Contrarians" is now available from Yale Press. 

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    Why we herd and how it can harm us

    Professor Michelle Baddeley featured on an ABC RN Life Matters Podcast to explain human herding.

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    Transportation in a Carbon Constrained World

    Professor Andreas Schafer discusses new research on how transportation is changing in a carbon constrained world. 

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We all make hundreds of choices every single day. The Institute for Choice (I4C) are dedicated to understanding these choices and the decision-making processes that drive them. 

With our choice expertise, we can help you understand why people make the choices they do and predict what choices they’ll make in the future. Our team of global choice modelling experts produce innovative research to help governments and organisations make better decisions and more effective policies.

We collaborate with researchers across the transport, environment and health disciplines. We are proud of I4C’s global network of leading academics and equally proud of our project management capabilities and quality assurance for research project delivery. 

Would you like to work with us?

Find out more about our research projects below or contact us.

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