Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety

One of the great challenges for modern workplaces is to maintain a strong psychosocial safety climate in the face of increasing global competition and pressures for increased productivity. The Asia Pacific Centre for Work Health and Safety (APC-WHS) is committed to a research agenda that provides evidence about the importance of balance between workplace productivity and psychological health and safety.

We generate and apply new knowledge to make work environments throughout the Asia Pacific more accessible, healthier, safer and more productive. Engagement with external organisations and industry ensures we generate a real-world impact with our research.

Our research concentrates on psychosocial risks and psychosocial safety at work, stress, bullying and harassment, and social exclusion from work. The Centre is also home to the Work & Stress Research Group, The Australian Workplace Barometer and the StressCafe.

To stay at the cutting edge we collaborate with the world’s best researchers to produce the finest outputs. If you are a student, researcher or organisation whose interests are aligned with ours, please make the connection.

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