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Study Science at UniSA

Career outcomes include: Research Scientist, Medical Researcher, Principal Environmental Scientist, Senior Research Scientist, Pathologist

Science is concerned with the systematic study of the nature and behaviour of the physical universe. It is fundamental to technology and industry. From the food that we eat to the cars that we drive, science impacts all of society through the solutions and technologies developed.

The Bachelor of Science program provides you with a broad science education through a combination of major and minors chosen from a variety of science-related disciplines. The emphasis on laboratory and fieldwork and project-based learning activities will give you the necessary skills to apply your knowledge while pursuing one of many inspiring and well paid career paths. Possible careers range from research scientists who focus on the development of medical technologies for the treatment of wounds and infections or cancer, to pathologists, medical scientists, geneticists, nanotechnologists and laboratory managers. Many scientists throughout their career also emerge as business leaders with executive positions as business development managers, company directors and Chief Executive Officers.

'You need to study maths and science no matter what you want to do'. 
Major General Charles Bolden
NASA Administrator & 
Honorary Doctorate recipient, University of South Australia    


Study Maths at UniSA

Career outcomes include: Biostatistician, Market Researcher, Epidemiologist, Bioinformatics Analyst, Financial Analyst

Mathematics and statistics are an important part of our everyday life and graduates of this discipline are highly sought after.

UniSA’s Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences program helps you to develop high-level problem-solving and analytical skills, which are highly valued by prospective employers. As a graduate, you will have a broad range of employment opportunities, especially since mathematics and statistics are used in, and underpin, all areas of science, finance, insurance, engineering, agriculture and health. As a mathematics graduate, you will be in great demand in numerous other fields, including government, education, logistics, business and computing. We have also added new postgraduate programs in Data Science in 2014 to recognise this growing specialisation.

To find out more about careers in mathematics, and to explore professions which require a solid grounding in mathematics education, visit the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute careers page.

Graduate with success

Stefanie Gurgacz

As a progressive university, UniSA provided a positive learning environment with immense professional and academic opportunities. A Bachelor of Science degree at UniSA provided me with the flexibility to follow my passions and develop independent learning skills. In addition, the networking opportunities within the University were invaluable in obtaining future career opportunities.

Stefanie Gurgacz 
Graduate - Bachelor of Science
Employment - Senior Project Officer, Health Technology Assessment
Medicines and Technology Policy and Programs (MTPP)
Department of Health and Ageing, SA Health 




There are many pathway's to studying at UniSA that recognise your specific circumstances. You may have missed your required ATAR or just don't have the subject prerequisites. Pathway options include, adult entry, the STAT Test or Associate Degrees. Your particular program may also have a credit transfer arrangement with your TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

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