Request to change an agent

A student may request to change to another agent for a number of reasons. In these situations the University of South Australia will give priority to the agent that first submitted a valid application for the student. Requests to change agents will be granted only if exceptional circumstances are demonstrated.

To apply to change agents the student will need to complete and sign the Change of Agent Nomination Form, and forward this to the international office. The new, preferred agent can also submit the form on the student’s behalf; however, it must be signed by the student.

Once the University receives the above form, the relevant Regional Manager will process this in accordance with the contract agreement that is currently in place for both agents involved. A change will not be approved unless acceptable reasons are provided. After an outcome is reached, both agents will be notified of the outcome and the commission amount involved.

In cases where the change is not approved students will have the opportunity to choose to be treated as a direct applicant (e.g. no agent representation).

Any information received regarding the service of an agent will be investigated by the Regional Manager.


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