Resources for current Honours students

Program information guide

Students need to print off a copy of this guide as a reference.

Policies and guidelines

The Honours program has been written in compliance with the University codes and guidelines. It is important you understand the guidelines specifically for the Honours program to ensure the success of your candidature.



Research Support Workshops

Research Education Support Activities (RESA)

RESA offers a range of research education support activities for Masters by research and PhD candidates. Honours students are also encouraged to attend, as many of the skills taught are transferable to the Honours thesis. Workshops cover areas such as:

  • Reading, summarising and paraphrasing
  • Writing the literature review
  • Critical thinking and argumentation
  • Structuring and writing a thesis
  • Oral presentations
  • Writing with English as a second language

Ethics and Safety

Any research involving human subjects (such as interviews or surveys) requires approval from the Divisional Ethics Committee. After completion of the research proposal, Honours candidates should begin work on their ethics protocol. An estimated timeline and guide is given in the information guide.

The Division Ethics Committee is administered by the Dean Research Office. Honours students preparing their protocol should contact us for further information.

Thesis Presentation and Examination

Towards the end of candidature, students will submit their final thesis for examination. Examiners of the thesis will be selected by the Honours Program Director in conjunction with the School Honours Coordinators after consultation with the supervisor.

Thesis presentation

The thesis is to be between 13,000 and 18,000 words and formatted using the same guidelines set for the Masters by Research and PhD:

Three heat/thermal bound copies (hard cover or soft cover) (i.e. sheets cannot be removed or added without evidence of tampering) should be submitted for examination. Spiral or comb binding will not be accepted. Each copy should begin with a title page setting out the student's name, the title of the thesis and the date of submission.

A signed declaration should be made in the beginning pages of the thesis, stating:-

'I declare that this thesis does not incorporate without acknowledgment any material previously submitted for a degree or diploma in any University and that to the best of knowledge it does not contain any materials previously published or written by another person except where due reference is made in the text'.

In addition to the three hard copies of your thesis, an electronic PDF copy is required, along with the signed copy of the Statement of Authenticity.

Printing and Binding

For the printing and binding of your thesis, we recommend the following services: -

  • Document Services - a University based service who can assist with both the printing and binding of your thesis -
  • William Harley and Son Bookbinders -  this company does not print, they only bind and can usually offer a 24 hour service -

Areas of study and research

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