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Career outcomes include: Pilot, Captain, Flight Instructor, Airport Facilities Manager, Operations Manager

The University of South Australia is the state’s only university to offer aviation at the tertiary level, and one of only two universities nationwide with a flying academy.

The UniSA Aviation Academy boasts modern facilities and equipment, including a fleet of ten new aircraft in which you will train with our highly skilled and industry qualified instructors.

Our Bachelor of Aviation and Graduate Diploma in Aviation exceed the knowledge requirements of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority for the issue of commercial or air transport pilot licenses. The Bachelor of Aviation program enables graduates to undertake non-flying careers in aviation. Alongside their Bachelor studies, students seeking a career as a commercial pilot can gain the flying experience necessary to complete the requirements for licencing with CASA as well as further skills and knowledge in aviation through the Graduate Diploma in Aviation (LGAV) (for domestic students) or private flight lessons (for international students). 

Our programs not only produce graduates with excellent flying abilities but provide the knowledge, skills and tertiary qualifications required for a successful career as an airline Captain or a variety of roles within the aviation industry.

'The things we do at NASA are really dangerous, going into space is really risky, but we do it with frequency and we do it really comfortably. People ask me a lot 'were you afraid when you went into space the first time?', and the answer is no. But it's because I had trained for what seemed was forever, our crew all knew each other and had confidence in each other.' -  Major General Charles Bolden, NASA Administrator & Honorary Doctorate recipient, University of South Australia    

Aviation programs

Graduate with success

Nick De Lisio

Nick De Lisio is pursuing his dream of becoming a test pilot at the Boeing Aircraft Company by undertaking the Bachelor of Aviation.

For Nick, Aviation is not only a career choice but “the biggest passion” in his life, so he values both the flying and grounds skills he is learning such as “meterology, airline operations, fleet planning”, and so on. His studies are also benefitting through the use of the Academy’s state-of-the-art facilities. “Our UniSA Aviation Academy has to be one of the best in Australia after its recent renovation”.

Nick De Lisio
Bachelor of Aviation


There are many pathway's to studying at UniSA that recognise your specific circumstances. You may have missed your required ATAR or just don't have the subject prerequisites. Pathway options include, adult entry, the STAT Test or Associate Degrees. Your particular program may also have a credit transfer arrangement with your TAFE or Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

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