Wifi Modem Hire Terms & Conditions

WIFI modems are available for students to hire who are not residing in DRH accommodation and undertaking a rural clinical placement.

Process for Hiring

Please complete the WIFI Modem Hire Form, sign and return to the DRH drhstudents@unisa.edu.au at least two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of your placement where applicable.  The WIFI modem will be posted out to the address you have provided.

Included with the WIFI modem will be a prepaid envelope.  WIFI modems are to be returned to the DRH within one (1) week of completion of your clinical placement.


Costs Involved

Hire of the WIFI modem is free.  Failure to promptly return the WIFI modem, and in good working condition, will result in you being charged for the replacement cost of the device.


Data Limitations 

The modem has a 15GB data limit.  Should you exceed the data limit, you will experience a slower WIFI connection.  WIFI modems have been provided to assist students with their studies ie study, podcasts, online lectures etc.  Streaming of television and movies (Netflix, Stan etc) is strictly prohibited.  Please take this into consideration when using the WIFI modem as data increases are not available.

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