Summer Scholarship

Have you completed your second year of an undergraduate health discipline degree from any South Australian university? Would you like to boost your professional skills while living and exploring parts of regional South Australia during the summer break?

Summer scholarship students work with regional service providers on a community development project for a four week period during the summer university break (November to February). You will gain insights and skills in:

  • Community development
  • Project management
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Professional communication
  • Cultural awareness
  • Working autonomously and as part of a team

Accommodation, transport reimbursements and a living allowance are all paid to successful students. Students will spend a four week period completing their allocated project in either a November-December block, or January-February block. Community Development projects are listed in September-October each year and students who have completed their second year of an undergraduate degree (or higher) are encouraged to apply. Application details will be distributed via email through your University or Rural Health club

Summer Scholarship Student testimonials:

“I was extremely proud to present this tangible resource that I had created in a small amount of time. It was a challenging learning experience but there was an awesome feeling that the work I was doing was going to have a positive impact on the community. That feeling drove me to work harder and ensure that I could leave behind the best resource I could. I surprised myself with my personal and professional growth, the work I was able to produce and the feedback in response to what I presented. I’ve had a lot of fun working at the University of SA Department of Rural Health. It has been fantastic to experience a work environment that is so welcoming and supportive, I’m grateful for the opportunity and would definitely recommend this scholarship program to all students."

- Helen Preece, 3rd year Psychology (Summer Scholarship student Nov-Dec 2015)

"My project has allowed me to liaise with a wide range of sporting clubs and other organisations in Whyalla. I really enjoyed this aspect of the project, as it further developed my communication and networking skills. Being responsible for a project has also taught me to be assertive and to work autonomously. I now have the skills to run a project on my own and have been able to apply everything that I’ve learnt throughout my degree in a real-life setting. It has made an invaluable contribution to my personal growth and my development as a future healthcare professional."

- Brian Lai, 3rd year Health Science (Summer Scholarship student Jan-Feb 2016)

Discover Yourself in Rural South Australia

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Discover Yourself in Rural South Australia