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The almost incomprehensible volume of data generated from new advances in technologies and systems such as mobile phone interactions, social media sites, online searches, as well as sensor technologies and machine-to-machine interactions has spawned the new and exciting area of Big Data.  

In order to leverage all the data generated in our interconnected world today, a new career role emerged, that of ‘data scientist’. There currently exists an acute shortage of data scientists and it is anticipated that this career will grow massively in demand during the next few years with a recent McKinsey Global Institute report projecting a 50% gap between projected demand and supply by 2018.

The University of South Australia is now offering a variety of postgraduate programs in data science, including a Master of Data Science, Graduate Diploma in Data Science and a Graduate Certificate in Data Science.

Data Science

These programs aims to produce graduates with the analytic and technical skills to effectively extract useful information from “Big Data” to support the management and operations of an organisation. Data Science can be defined as the broad use of data and quantitative analysis for decision-making. It brings together the best of data management, analytic methods, and the presentation of results.

In the Master of Data Science, students undertake a number of courses covering a variety of topics, providing experience in applying the concepts to real-world problems, develop skills in leadership, teamwork, conflict resolution and negotiation, presentation of results, professional writing, data visualisation, data cleaning, privacy and security, and project management. Additionally graduates of this program will be awarded industry certification by SAS, and be in a position to immediately useful within an organisation as a data scientist.

In addition, UniSA's Advanced Computing Research Centre will become the national headquarters for an $88 million Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) in big data. The Data to Decisions CRC will see several universities and industry partners collaborate in research on the use of big data and help to build a substantial big data industry in Australia.

Entry Requirements

For more information about entry requirements for the Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma and Master of Data Science, please contact the Program Director: Malgorzata Korolkiewicz

Big Data 


Top career outcomes

Data Scientist

Business Analyst


Career Opportunities

The demand for analytic skills is supported by research from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, which predicts that by 2018 there will be a 13% increase in the need for statisticians, a 22% increase in demand for operations research analysts and a 24% increase in management analysts. While the demand for analytic skills crosses multiple industries, fields such as marketing, health care and finance are expected to experience a particularly strong need for Data Science professionals.

Data Science

Professional Recognition

The Master of Data Science has been designed with input from industry, including the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia (IAPA). The program is endorsed by SAS, who have partnered in the development of several courses within the program.

Graduates of the program will be awarded industry certification by SAS, and be in a position to work within an organisation as a data scientist.

Data Science    

Practice Focussed

  • Learn by doing – the program contains courses that emphasise professional practice, requiring students to apply analytic techniques and tools to real data sets. Students will work on a problem from industry or research. Other skills covered include communication, teamwork and project management and some technical skills such as visualisation.

Seamless Teaching

There is a consistent approach to the online learning resources across the program, and you will study in an environment in which communication with other students and your instructors is facilitated and encouraged. Both internal and external students will share a common learning environment and software tool environment.

Flexible Learning

Data Science

This program is available fully on line or face to face; part-time or full-time in Adelaide, South Australia; providing a rich on-line learning experience to all students.

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Meet the Program Director

Data Science

Dr Malgorzata Korolkiewicz

  • M.Sc. (Mathematics), Warsaw Univ. Poland;
  • M.Sc.(Mathematical Finance), Univ. of Alberta, Canada;
  • PhD. (Finance), Univ. of Alberta, Canada

Key Areas

  • Mathematical Finance
  • Derivatives Markets
  • Credit Risk
  • Environmental modelling

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