Aboriginal Pathway Program

Aboriginal Pathway Program


Aboriginal Pathway Program is taught over one and a half years and supports students with no previous qualifications for university study.

The program is open to all people who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and can lead to entry into a university degree at the University of South Australia.

Program snapshot

Selection Rank Not required
Program length 1 year (taught over 1.5)
Prerequisites or assumed knowledge      None
STAT entry Not required
Program fees Free*
Locations Whyalla, Mt Gambier, Port Lincoln, Ceduna and City West

*Aboriginal Pathway Program students are not charged course fees but may be required to pay Student Amenities Fees as determined by the Australian Government

What will I learn?

Aboriginal Pathway Program builds the skills students need to study successfully at a tertiary level. All students undertake general courses to develop their tertiary learning, computing and academic literacy skills.

Students complete a variety of introductory courses which prepares them for future studies at an undergraduate level.

Course delivery

The Aboriginal Pathway Program is delivered in four regional areas; Whyalla, Mt Gambier, Port Lincoln and Ceduna, and from 2018 will also be delivered in the metropolitan area on City West campus.


Additional mentoring and support will be provided by local tutors and a designated Regional Tutor. Local tutors in the student’s location and during off-site intensives, will provide weekly tutoring assistance during the semester. Students will also have access to support from UniSA College staff, and online tutoring sessions will be held during the off-site portion of the course. There will be a range of scholarships available to students.

Accommodation and travel support may be made available for students who live at a distance (a minimum of 50kms from the delivery location) so that they can attend the intensive delivery sessions. Students must speak to their Program Director to discuss their travel options.

Find out more

To apply, download the APP Application Form here or contact the Regional Tutor.

City West enquiries
Soraya Butler
Email: soraya.butler@unisa.edu.au or
Phone: (08) 8302 0188

Regional enquiries
Sharon Mychalliw
Email: sharon.mychalliw@unisa.edu.au or
Phone: (08) 8302 7407

Regional contacts

Mount Gambier 

Nathan Hayes
Regional Tutor for Mount Gambier
Email: nathan.hayes@unisa.edu.au or
Phone: (08) 8721 8931
Mobile: 0435 656 260


Port Lincoln 

Barbie Clutterbuck
Regional Tutor for Port Lincoln
Email: barbie.clutterbuck@unisa.edu.au or
Phone: (08) 8302 5310
Mobile: 0466 511 519


Emily Venning
Regional Tutor for Whyalla
Email: emily.venning@unisa.edu.au or
Phone: 08 8302 6073
Mobile: 0466 351 633



Michelle Anderson
Regional Tutor for Ceduna and the far west
Email: michelle.anderson@unisa.edu.au or
Phone: 0428 199 654


Where can it lead you?

Upon completion, you can use your grade point average (GPA) to apply for competitive entry into the UniSA degree of your choice.

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