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About AIME

The Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) provides a dynamic educational program that gives Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students the skills, opportunities, belief and confidence to finish school as the same rate as their peers. AIME has proven to dramatically improve the chances of Indigenous kids finishing school. AIME also connects students with post Year 12 opportunities including further education and employment. We believe that Indigenous = Success and expect all kids in the program to succeed.

Our Program

We run two programs in Adelaide. Our Northern suburbs program takes place at UniSA's Mawson Lakes campus, while the other regions take place at UniSA's City West campus. The program consists of 6 x 2 hour sessions over the year, exploring everything from identity, to art, drama, or writing a speech as though the student is the first Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander Prime Minister of Australia. We celebrate with a full day session and celebration at the end of the year.

In addition to the structured programs at the UniSA campuses, we also run Tutor Squads at a number of schools in our program. The aim of Tutor Squads is to provide extra assistance to our mentees through homework help and extra-curricular activities.

'When I began mentoring I was apprehensive and unsure of what to expect. However by the end of my first session I fell in love with the program. The students have been great to work with and I always left with sore cheeks as they continually made me laugh and put a smile on my face from ear to ear. It was amazing to build up such a rapport with the students and it warmed my heart when they asked "will you be with us next year?" Not only did I feel I was helping them on their life journey but they helped me on mine. The tasks that I helped them complete during outreach sessions also gave me the time to reflect on my life, and students are very inquisitive and honest and will ask anything which always made me have a hard look at myself and put into perspective the important things in life. I would really encourage everyone to join in and mentor with AIME as I promise you that not only will it be a rewarding experience but also a lot of fun. I hope to always continue to be involved with AIME in some way or another because I truly believe it is an important cause and one we should support.' - Fern, AIME Mentor.

"Being an AIME mentor is an absolute privilege. You go into it thinking you're going to kick ass; teaching young people and being a listening ear to them. Although there is an element of this, my experience has been that these kids teach us mentors LOADS! I have learnt that young people can be more courageous, hilarious and kind than I ever realised. It is because of this that I highly recommend getting involved. What have you got to lose?! Nothing! But you have heaps to gain, believe me." - Katie, AIME Mentor.

How to Apply

The AIME program starts in May 2016 and applications are now open. To register your interest as a 2016 AIME Mentor, please go to, or email our Program Assistant, Erin Wimshurst at for more details.

For all other enquiries about AIME at UniSA, please contact our Centre Manager, Tom Putnam, at or call 0427 396 689.

Our Team

Tom Putnam (Centre Manager)

Hi, my name’s Tom Putnam and I am the Centre Manager for AIME here in South Australia. I have been with AIME since 2014 and my role is to oversee the operations in SA. Prior to AIME, I spent 12 years teaching in the school system, where I primarily worked with Aboriginal students and students at-risk. In addition to my school experiences, I have taught at university, and have been employed as a Youth Worker – looking after students under the Guardianship of the Minister. I have qualifications in Education, Music, and Fitness, and my PhD focused on educational disadvantage and equity in education systems. I am extremely passionate about mentoring and the potential it has to improve the social, emotional and educational outcomes for students. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, playing music and keeping fit.

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Marlon Motlop (Program Manager)

G'day, my name is Marlon Motlop and I am an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander of Larrakia and Thursday Island background and heritage. Originally from Darwin in the Northern Territory, I have a sporting background, which saw me drafted into the AFL to the Port Adelaide Power in 2007, and am now currently playing with the North Adelaide Roosters in the South Australian National Football League. I have always had an ambition to give back to my community and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth and I now find myself with that opportunity through AIME, to assist our Mentees and ensure that they transition through their schooling years onto university and/or successful employment and further training.

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Rhian Miller (Program Manager)

Wai! Palya? Ngayulu ini Rhian-nga.
Ngayulu itingaringu Ceduna-la, wilurara panya, urungka itingka. Kuwarina Adelaide-alakutu pitjangi.
Ngayulu anangu maru, anangu Wirangu munu Narrunga.
Ngayulu  kungkawara. 
Ngayulu AIME-ala waakaripai. 
Nganana tjunguringkula alpamilalpai Anangu tjuta year 12 wiyari-ngkula universityngka munta tjinguru waarkangka tjarpanytjaku.
Ngayulu nintiringanyi nintinjikitja.
Ngayulu mukuringanyi ankula APY-ku manta kutu tjitji tjuta nintintjikitja. 

Ngayulu Pitjantjatjara wangkantja wiya. Ngayulu kuwari kutju nintiringanyi.

Hi, my name is Rhian Miller and I am the Program Manager (Northern Region) at AIME, UniSA. I am of Wirangu and Narrunga decent from the West Coast of South Australia and grew up in a small country town called Ceduna. In year 12, I was fortunate enough to be part of the AIME program as a mentee and since then have taken upon the role of a presenter, and now Program Manager, in order to increase the success rates of Indigenous students through their schooling years and onto further career pathways. While working with AIME, I am also undertaking further studies to pursue a career in Primary Education. If you have any questions about myself, the AIME program, or would like to become a mentor, please feel free to contact either one of our staff listed.

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Alice Saltmarsh (Communications Coordinator)

Hi, I’m Alice Saltmarsh and I am the Communications Coordinator at AIME SA and WA. Within my role I have a whole wardrobe of hats, including photographer, event coordinator, social media specialist, designer, journalist, storyteller and retail assistant with our AIME Apparel range. I graduated from the School of Art, Architecture and Design at the University of South Australia in 2014 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts in Textiles, and am now a practicing artist in Adelaide. I have also completed further study in Modern History at Macquarie University, and recently completed a Master of Secondary Teaching at the University of South Australia. I apply my knowledge and strengths to my role at AIME, and was previously an AIME Mentor before commencing work with the organisation in 2014. AIME has demonstrated incredible results and it has been an exceptional experience to be a part of making that success possible.

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Derick Wanganeen (Presenter)

My name is Derick Wanganeen, and I am originally from Port Lincoln in South Australia. My background includes two different Aboriginal tribes from South Australia. My mother descends from the Wirangu tribe, which is in the area of Ceduna. My father on the other hand is from a small mission in the Yorke Peninsular called Point Pearce, which are the Narrungga people. I am a very proud Aboriginal man and consider myself lucky to be part of these communities. The success of others, especially young Indigenous kids inspire me to be a better role model, but most importantly being able to give back to the community is where my passion lies.

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Erin Wimshurst (Program Assistant)

Hi, my name’s Erin Wimshurst and I am the Program Assistant for AIME SA. It’s my job to coordinate the mentors, help set up session rooms and assist the Program Coordinators where I can. I completed a Bachelor of Media Arts with Honours in 2012 and am now studying a double degree in Social Work and International Relations at UniSA. I was a mentor with AIME SA last year and had so much fun; I jumped at the chance to work even more within the organization. I love what AIME stands for and the experiences that it offers both the mentors and especially the mentees!

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