Higher Education Transfer

Have you spent time at university before? If you have completed at least half a year of full-time equivalent tertiary study, you may be able to apply for entry into another program using your Grade Point Average (GPA). 

Internal transfer

Are you a current UniSA student? If so and you have completed at least half a year of full-time equivalent study, you may be able to transfer to another UniSA program without needing to apply via SATAC again. Applications will be considered on a case by case basis. Campus Central can provide you with advice and an application form.

If your intended program does not accept internal transfers, you will need to apply for entry during either the main round or midyear through SATAC. Make sure you are aware of key dates for main round entry starting study at the beginning of the year, or for midyear and summer school entry.

Transferring from another University

If you have completed at least half a year of full-time equivalent study at another recognised institution, you may be able to apply to UniSA via SATAC. You may also be eligible for credit for your previous studies.

Using your year 12 results

You can still use your year 12 results for entry into UniSA programs as long as you have not completed more than two years of equivalent full-time tertiary study. You will need to check if your results are competitive with the current year 12 Selection Ranks. If you are not sure, contact the Future Student Enquiries team for advice.

Apply to UniSA using your Open Universities Australia studies

Have you studied through Open Universities Australia (OUA)? If you have successfully completed at least four OUA tertiary level subjects, you may be able to use these to apply for entry to UniSA using your grade point average.

OUA offers a number of UniSA courses and programs to students wanting to study externally. Enrolment for these programs is direct to OUA

Preferencing related degrees

If you are applying for a competitive degree and don’t think you’ll meet the entry requirements for direct entry, you may consider preferencing a degree in a similar field as a pathway option. Remember being able to transfer is a competitive process and not guaranteed. See below for some examples of degree pathway options.


If you are considering a higher education transfer, here are a few good examples of different pathway options:

Pathway Options

  • Transfer from another tertiary institution

    Transfer from another tertiary institution

    Apply through SATAC to transfer to UniSA from another tertiary institution.

    Apply through SATAC
  • Transfer within UniSA

    Transfer within UniSA

    Investigate your options for transferring from one UniSA program to another and apply for an internal transfer through Campus Central.

    Contact Campus Central
  • Gain credit for previous study

    Gain credit for previous study

    Check how your TAFE/RTO qualifications can fast-track your studies at UniSA.

    Find out more

Areas of study and research

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