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Since 2010 UniSA has been providing schools with the opportunity to utilise MyCareerMatch career profiling with year 10 students, free of charge through UniSA sponsorship. MyCareerMatch specialises in career profiles for students, matching their personality style and natural talents with the most suited careers. Through UniSA sponsorship your school can have access to MyCareerMatch career profiles as well as a suite of other resources designed to support the student’s career profile.

MyCareerMatch Profile (sample)

These individualised career profiles outline information about the students’ personality style/s and provide them with career options and personality trait information which can help them to make informed decisions.

Career profile

Download sample - MyCareerMatch profile (PDF 426KB)

MyCareerMatch Student Workbook

The MyCareerMatch Workbook encourages students to take the information contained within their report and put it into good use. They will be asked to use their reports to complete an action planner and identify possible career areas to explore further.

Student workbook

Download sample - MyCareerMatch Student Workbook (PDF 543KB)

Other resources your students can have access to include a Resume, Interview and Parent Guide. For each Guide there are four versions, one for each of the dominant personality styles.

Resume Guide

Resume Guides provide students with content about their personality style that can be added to a resume.

Resume guide

Resume Guide for a Driver (PDF 415KB)
Resume Guide for a Promoter (PDF 373KB)
Resume Guide for a Supporter (PDF 374KB)
Resume Guide for an Analyser (PDF 376KB) 

Interview Guide

Interview Guides provide students with tips and hints for conducting a successful interview based on their personality style.

Interview guide

Interview Guide for a Driver (PDF 326KB)
Interview Guide for a Promoter (PDF 329KB)
Interview Guide for a Supporter (PDF 329KB)
Interview Guide for an Analyser (PDF 329KB)

Parent Guides

Parent Guides contain information for parents on how they can provide encouragement to their child and create a positive climate at home based on their child’s personality style.

Parent guide

Parent Guide for a Driver child (PDF 274KB)
Parent Guide for a Promoter child (PDF 265KB)
Parent Guide for a Supporter child (PDF 270KB)
Parent Guide for a Analyser child (PDF 223KB) 

Download Adobe Acrobat 

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