SACE Research Support

For students

UniSA wants to help you with your SACE Research Project.

Undertaking research will help you develop skills and knowledge that will be of great benefit now and in a future career. You should use the time and flexibility offered to you by the SACE Research Project to undertake a project that will really contribute to your own knowledge and development. Ideally your project should involve some experimentation, collection of original data or unique observations. This is a great opportunity to make a new discovery or to develop new ideas.

Our general research guidance tips and tricks will help you plan and conduct your research. Our tips from our librarians will help you with referencing but you are also welcome to visit our libraries to borrow books.

UniSA researchers in several disciplines have listed some ideas that can help you develop your research question. These ideas are in several different subject areas and you can find them from the links below. In some cases a UniSA researcher will be available to mentor you with your project.

Please read about these projects and if you are interested send an email expressing your interest to the Academic Director.

For teachers

In addition to the above services for students, UniSA is developing training and resources for staff teaching research in high schools. The links below provide further details about how to research with us and current research workshops on offer for teachers.

> Further information about teaching through research
> Expression of interest for our Research Skills for Teachers workshop

More info on projects

  • Biology, Sustainability & the Environment

    Biology, Sustainability & the Environment

    Conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and ecology are all critical to the future of the world.

    Learn more

  • Computing, Maths, Science & Engineering

    Computing, Maths, Science & Engineering

    Maths, computing and engineering are the drivers of modern technology.  

    Learn more

  • Health & Behaviour

    Health & Behaviour

    Are you interested in health, nutrition, behaviour or sports?  There are many different projects in which you could become involved.

    Learn more

  • Research resources & support

    Research resources & support

    Find general research advice, resources on art and architecture, how to find an expert

    Learn more

Areas of study and research

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