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10 Steps to Settle In

Settling in to university life doesn't need to be an overwhelming experience. If you follow these 10 easy steps you can start smart and set yourself up for a year of success.

1. Attend Orientation

As we have mentioned, attending Orientation is the most important way to start the year, learn about your program, meet your lecturers, learn about your course, tour your campus and meet your fellow students.

Handy tip: Check out your Orientation schedule.

2. Get to know your myUniSA portal

Your myUniSA portal is your personal website where you will find a range of resources and services relevant to your study at UniSA. Login and find out all of your course information, course outlines, and lecture and tutorial materials. It’s also where you will find access to your email, personal details, finances and information about student services available to you.

Handy tip:  Login to the myUniSA portal as soon as you enrol.

3. Check your email regularly

As a UniSA student you will automatically be provided with a student email account. You can log on to this email account through the myUni portal. It’s really important to login to your email and regularly check it to be up to date on all the latest information relating to your study. Important information regarding your studies from your program, lecturers, school and the University as a whole will be sent to this account.

Handy tip: Login to your email as soon as you enrol.

4. Download the new UniSA Students App

Designed for students, by students, the new UniSA Students app connects you to the University’s online environment. Find out about your courses, access your timetable, orientate yourself around campus, access useful apps, find a PC, and find out the latest news and events at UniSA. This one-stop-shop provides a level of flexibility and customisation enabling you to set your own preferences.

Handy tip: Download the Student App for iPhone, Android or Windows. 

5. Explore the Library

Explore the Library’s services and resources which will help you find information to complete assessment activities. The Library catalogue puts knowledge at your fingertips, with access to 300 million books and journals, many of which are available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Handy tip: Visit the Library and get to know the resources available.

6. Attend all scheduled classes

At university your scheduled classes may include lectures, tutorials, practicals and workshops. Crucial information about your program and courses are covered in these classes and it’s really important to attend them. You may also be studying externally or in a mixed mode format where you are taking courses online and these too are important to attend as they offer online forums which cover program information and allow you to discuss material with your lecturer and fellow students.

7. Make a study plan

How you use your time is largely up to you but to be successful and reach your goals you will need to manage your time effectively. A full time university workload is like a full time job and other commitments must be fitted around the time you spend in class (course contact hours) and on completing weekly tasks, reading and assignment work (independent study time). Effective time management is essential to success.

Handy Tip: Download a Study Planner.

 8. Connect with other students

Getting connected at university is an important way to make the most of your university experience. Make friends in your courses so you can help each other throughout your studies. Share information and discuss coursework and readings with them. Attending social events and joining a club will also build your friendship network. University isn’t all about study and it’s a good idea to get involved with the University of South Australia’s Student Association or UniSA Sport.

Handy Tip: Find out the latest student events on the 'Student Life' website.

 9. Get connected

Get connected with UniSA’s official Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels to find out the latest news and events. Also keep an eye out for the Student Life e-newsletter delivered straight to you inbox which highlights the latest events and news in the UniSA community.

Handy Tip: Like and follow UniSA's official social media channels.

 10. Get to know your Student Services

UniSA has a range of support services to help you academically and personally during your time with us. Campus Central is your first port of call for any information about these services and can be accessed online or visited in person on your campus.  These services range from Accommodation ServicesCampus Security, Career Services, Disability Services, Wirringka Student Services, International Student Services, Study Support, Library, and Counselling

Tips from students

Hear from current students reflecting on their first few weeks at UniSA and sharing their tips for new students in this series of videos.


It is important to familiarise yourself with the online components of UniSA study as you will be required to access online course resources and information regularly. The Online@UniSA web resource will introduce you to the different aspects of UniSA's online environment.

Student Services

At UniSA we offer you a variety of Student Services to support you through your student journey.

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