What can I study?

The University of South Australia offers an incredibly diverse range of programs and courses. A normal course load is 18 units per study period (semester) or 36 units per academic year. 

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To search through the University’s entire selection of courses you can access our course search page. Just choose the ‘courses’ button underneath the ‘find program/course’ search box and input your keywords (e.g. marketing). Click on the courses that interest you for more information.

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Some helpful hints when choosing your courses



  • Get the start date right

    Choose courses offered in the correct study period (semester).

    Study Period 2 (SP2) = February to June
    Study Period 5 (SP5) = July to November

  • Make sure you meet any prerequisites

    The courses on the pre-appoved list do not have any prerequisites. But outside of this list you may not be eligible for some classes unless you provide evidence that you have completed the necessary courses at your home university to satisfy prerequisites. Some courses will require the course coordinator’s approval.

  • Know your codes

    Course codes comprise 4 letters and 4 numbers (e.g. TOUR 1001). Courses beginning with a “1” are generally first year level; courses beginning with a “2” are generally second year level etc.

  • Select the right level of study

    Course codes beginning with a “4” or “5” are graduate level courses. Entry into these courses is restricted to students who hold the equivalent of an Australian bachelor degree.

  • Choose your campus wisely

    The University is multi-campus. Check under “campus” on the Course Information page to see where your selected courses are offered. We suggest that you keep your selection to one or two campuses at the most. The Course Information Page contains information relevant to the current academic year. Although it is likely that similar courses will be offered the following academic year, this cannot be guaranteed and should only be used as a guide on future intakes.

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Student Experiences

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Living in Adelaide

Living in Adelaide

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