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Isfandari Siti (left) Ardhiantie (middle) and Yayat Hendayana (right)Welcome

The University of South Australia welcomes students sponsored under the BUDI Scholarship. In 2016, the Directorate General of Science, Technology and Higher Education Resources (DGSTHER) at the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, in collaboration with the Institute of Fund Management for Education (LPDP), has launched Indonesian Lecturer's Excellence Scholarship (BUDI) program for lecturers from HEIs within the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education to pursue postgraduate iv programs in the country or abroad. As a member of the Australian Technology Network (ATN) we are eligible to accept Indonesian students in our Research programs.

Why Choose UniSA for your PhD?

  •  We are ranked 25th worldwide in the QS Top 50 under 50 2015/16
  • 97% of our research is at or above World Class, Excellence in Research Australia, 2015
  • We are one of Australia’s leading universities in terms of ‘international outlook’ and in the top 10% worldwide in the Times Higher Education rankings for the top 200 most international universities.
  • We have strong relationships with a number of Indonesian institutions including Universitas Indonesia, Bandung Institute of Technology and Gadjah Mada University. For more information, please visit our Global Engagement page.
  • We recently launched a new Centre for Islamic Thought and Education (CITE) which will be one of the largest research concentrations on Islamic Studies. 

We offer Research programs  related to many of the BUDI priority areas including: 

  • Education
  • Environmental Science
  • International Studies
  • Languages and Linguistics
  • Library Studies
  • Psychology
  • Sociology


We currently host a number of Indonesian students who are engaged in great research projects. Find out more below from some of our current students and you can also hear more from other international students.

Doni Wibowo

Doni Wibowo - Ministry of Religious Affairs

School of Information Technology and Mathematical Sciences  

Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Data Analysis for Policy Evaluation and Formulation

"I have many colleagues who have responsibilities similar to mine and I think they will benefit greatly from my experiences in taking this course."

Doni Wibowo works in the Budgeting and Information Systems Division of Indonesia's Ministry of Religious Affairs in Jakarta. That has to be a big job when you consider there are more than six million students in the Islamic education system, ranging from pre-school to university.

"We look at data across all those areas and we collect it at the district level, then province then Jakarta," he said. "My daily task is to ensure that data about Islamic education is valid and correct and then we make simple statistical analysis and use the results to make policy."

"The concept of big data is quite new in Indonesia and so was quite new to me before I came to Adelaide," he said. "I will go back with a whole new set of skills and a new approach to working with the data we have.

"When I read the summary of the course I was certain that it would give me new ways to evaluate data and make policy, so I think it is important for me personally and for the Department to upgrade my skills like this."


I Gusti Ary Suryawathy - LPDP Scholarship - 2016

PhD Scholar, School of Business

Research title: Accounting Education in Indonesia

The University of South Australia (UniSA) is one of South Australia’s leading universities for research, teaching and learning. Its programs and support services are well designed to meet the global job market. Studying at UniSA is really challenging and enjoyable at the same time. UniSA provides a wide range of resources. For instance, the library has a very extensive research collection. In addition, the professional, supportive and friendly lecturers and staff support students to complete their study on time.



Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education

Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Data Analysis for Policy Evaluation and Formulation 

"My job involves a great deal of data but before we did not really know how to analyse it fully. That is why I was delighted to do this course."

As Personal Assistant to the Secretary General of the Ministry of Technology and Higher Education in Jakarta, Yayat's job involves working with data and programs from more than 60 universities.

Until now much of the complex analysis has been carried out by consultants, however, because the Ministry did not have officials trained in modern analytical techniques or the new concept of big data. "I have to say that I had not really heard about the idea of big data," Yayat said.

That is about to change, however. He is now looking at and thinking about data in new ways, thanks to the Graduate Certificate in Quantitative Data Analysis for Policy Evaluation and Formulation at the University of South Australia (UniSA).

"I know that once I have finished this course I will be able to go back and introduce these new ideas to others in the Ministry," he said. "The course has been quite hard but I have learned a lot."

How to apply

Follow our six step guide on How to Apply for Research at UniSA. For a full list of our Research programs by research area please visit What you can study. For eligibility and other details please visit the BUDI website.

As an international applicant it is your responsibility to be aware of any visa and other immigration requirements.

Life in Adelaide

Adelaide is South Australia’s vibrant capital city and one of the most affordable Australian cities. Visit the Study Adelaide website to hear more about why so many students choose to live here.

Adelaide is a multicultural city with a vast choice of foods to cook at home as well as restaurants to enjoy. Adelaide’s urban and cultural landscape has changed over recent years. Our laneways are enjoying a makeover and a new ‘pop-up culture’ is giving birth to creative and hip bars, clubs and restaurants. 

Our Indonesian student community

We have a diverse student body with over 6,000 international students from many countries. During your studies we encourage you to meet and mix with students from different backgrounds. However, we also understand that it is nice to have friendships with people from your own culture. Our Indonesian Student Society holds events and builds relationshipa among Indonesian students at the University. We also have the Islamic Society UniSA which is a student run club dedicated to looking after the needs of Muslim students within the University. 

Before you leave home

We provide pre –departure resources online to help you prepare for your journey to Australia and we can also meet with you in country when our staff are in Indonesia.

We’ll support you

Our dedicated International Sponsors team will provide special assistance and advice to our recognised sponsored students and sponsoring authorities. For more information on these services please visit Information for Sponsors or Sponsored Students .  We also have a team of International Student Advisors on each campus who can assist you with academic or personal issues as well as providing Research Student resources including a dedicated Orientation program, workshops and online help.


Some useful Research related resources:

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“I have many colleagues who have responsibilities similar to mine and I think they will benefit greatly from my experiences in taking this course.”

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